Accumulated power is emerging to the new dawn | Tietuo Machinery 2022 annual summary and commendation meeting

January 12, 2023

         On the afternoon of January 11 (the 20th of the twelfth lunar month), all employees of Tietuo Machinery gathered in the factory with a happy mood and held the 2022 annual summary and commendation conference with the theme of "storing energy to new, breaking the dawn".

         At the end of 2022, the country's major adjustment to the epidemic will bring new opportunities and challenges. In the winter of this epidemic, we did not lie dormant. Instead, we practiced both internal and external skills, and accumulated strong strength for the dawn!

         In the past year, all the employees of Tietuo have jointly pushed the company's performance to a new peak through unremitting efforts.

          After the host delivered the opening speech, the annual summary and commendation conference kicked off in the work report of the directors of each center.

Liu Qi, Director of Marketing Center

Gao Guoqiang, Deputy General Manager/Director of Technical Center

Shen Cailai, Director of Production and Operation Center

Fan Hongyuan, Director of Human Resources and Administration Center

Zhuang Xuezhong, Director of Financial Center

      After the director of each center reported, General Manager Gao Daile summarized the company's achievements in 2022.

      In 2022, all employees of Tietuo have persevered, overcome various difficulties, carried out management reform and implemented lean production. At the same time, it also continued to carry out technological innovation and completed a series of projects including new product research and development, existing equipment improvement and so on.

       Finally, in the general environment of declining overall industry data, Tietuo Machinery not only achieved steady growth in performance, but also overfulfilled the annual strategic objectives set by the company before the year.

       Among them, the product models sold by the company focus on large models and new series, and have achieved breakthroughs in performance in many regions. All this proves that the brand influence of Tietuo Machinery is expanding.

        Since then, General Manager Gao also put forward new requirements for the company's operation in 2023. It is hoped that all departments will continue to make efforts to further strengthen the process of internationalization, optimize the technological process, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve the cost performance of equipment, so as to gain advantages in the fierce market competition in the new year

         Chairman Wang Xiren also delivered a speech at the meeting. Mr. Wang first praised the progress of the company's management team and the improvement of the company's staff's professional skills and personal qualities. At the same time, I would like to thank all employees for working together and growing together on the platform of Tietuo Machinery.

         In 2022, Tietuo Machinery carried out a number of effective reforms. The management team has improved the organization and coordination ability through the lean production project exercise, which has significantly reduced the internal management cost.

         At the same time, it has taken the lead in introducing and distributing 5G technology among its peers, and the enterprise's intelligent manufacturing and digital management capabilities have also been greatly improved, which has been highly praised by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China.

        During the year, the company also received a number of invention patents and honors, which represent that the company is moving towards a more scientific and standardized road.

          Finally, the conference commended a number of advanced individuals and collectives who performed well in their work and played an exemplary role in 2022.

          Chairman Wang Xiren, General Manager Gao Daile and other senior executives of the company respectively commended and awarded "excellent craftsman", "excellent employee", "excellent communist", "excellent team" and "excellent department", and awarded honorary certificates and bonuses to encourage them.

        No pains, no gains. The excellent achievements of Tietuo Machinery in 2022 have condensed the wisdom and sweat of all Tietuo people.

        In 2023, Tietuo Machinery will continue to work hard and strive to fulfill its corporate mission of "creating the maximum value for customers and creating a better life for employees", and provide more high-quality products and services to customers and friends!

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