People who always succeed often arrive | Tietuo Machinery's 2022 annual marketing conference was held ceremoniously

February 17, 2023

        On February 2, the 2022 annual marketing conference of Tietuo Machinery Co., Ltd., with the theme of "Always be successful and always arrive", was held in Crowne Plaza Binjiang, Quanzhou. With new development and new leap, the marketing team reviewed the fruitful achievements of the past year and devoted itself to the marketing work of the new year with high spirits and positive and full enthusiasm.

       First of all, Gao Daile, general manager of Tietuo Machinery, addressed the conference. At the meeting, President Gao pointed out that the company had made breakthroughs in marketing performance in 2022. For example, after years of deep cultivation in the Russian market, the number of sets sold exceeded the 100 mark, and the sales managers in other regions have also made brilliant achievements. The hard work of the marketing team over the past year is worthy of recognition. At the same time, President Gao also shared marketing and technical experience for the marketing team from a farsighted point of view and in simple terms, so that the members of the marketing team gained a lot.

Gao Daile, General Manager of Tietuo Machinery

         Next, the business teams of each region summarized their advantages and experiences, mobilized their collective wisdom, analyzed the market environment and marketing strategies from all dimensions, and worked together to meet the opportunities and challenges of the new year.

         Subsequently, the managers of each department of the Marketing Center also summarized the work results of the past year and elaborated the strategies and plans formulated by each department to meet 2023.

        At the meeting, the company also awarded awards to individuals who have made outstanding performance in various fields in the past year, to commend their outstanding contributions to the company.

       In addition, the marketing team also signed the 2023 target assignment at the meeting. I wish the marketing team of Tietuo Machinery will make another success in the new year and set sail!

         We have to work hard for more than we can. Only by continuous learning can we make continuous progress. Tietuo Machinery also specially invited technical backbones to strengthen the training of the marketing team in terms of products, technology and other aspects, so that the marketing team will always maintain a high level of business ability and provide customers with better services.

        At the marketing meeting, Tietuo Machinery made a special connection to the Russian local team with excellent performance in 2022 to share experience, broaden the vision of the marketing team and learn new sales service skills.

        Finally, at this marketing conference, Tietuo Machinery Marketing, Technology, Production, After-sales and other teams sent representatives to communicate and interact with front-line marketing personnel to discuss each link in the optimization work. Strive to reduce consumption, improve efficiency and achieve the corporate mission of "creating maximum value for customers" on the premise of improving service quality.

         In 2022, all employees of Tietuo Machinery worked together and made brilliant achievements. In the new year, the people of Tietuo will continue to use wisdom and sweat, loyalty and enthusiasm to fuel the rapid development of Tietuo Machinery. To bring more high-quality products and services to our customers!

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