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September 28, 2022

           Tianchang City is located in the hinterland of East China, facing the Yangtze River in the south, Huaihe River in the north, Gaoyou Lake in the east, and Beijing-Shanghai Railway in the west. Except for one side bordering Laian County, Anhui Province, it is surrounded by Gaoyou City, Yizheng City, Liuhe District, and Jinhu County in Jiangsu Province on three sides. , Xuyi County is surrounded by five counties and urban areas, known as the "East Gate of Anhui".

           As the gateway of Anhui Province and an important transportation hub, Tianchang mainly focuses on land transportation. Therefore, highway construction has become an important factor in regional economic development. This summer, Tietuo Machinery's TSE4020 environmentally friendly plant-mixing and heat-recycling equipment was successfully settled in Tianchang, boosting the accelerated development of road traffic engineering construction in Anhui Province.

           This equipment is independently developed by Tietuo Machinery. "Environmental protection", "capacity" and "quality" are the core keywords of TSE series product design. It is committed to the pursuit of higher output quality, faster production efficiency, and stronger environmental protection. performance. The structure of the whole machine adopts a modular integrated design, and the mixing system is placed under the regeneration weighing scale, which completely avoids the problem of sticky material clogging caused by the use of regeneration chute and belt conveyor. Releasing production capacity and reducing labor can greatly improve the production efficiency of the entire set of equipment and achieve the purpose of rapid production.

          As one of the first equipment manufacturers to advocate asphalt mixture recycling technology in China, Tietuo Machinery has rich technical accumulation in the field of recycling. The equipment can efficiently recycle and reuse the waste asphalt mixture, so that it can be returned to the road, which not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also creates good economic benefits for customers and realizes green transportation.

            Tietuo Machinery has carefully carved the production equipment, and has carried out targeted design for the links that may cause pollution in the production process to improve the performance of the equipment to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, dust prevention and deodorization, pollution reduction and noise reduction. Significantly reduce dust, blue smoke and other problems in the production process, in line with national environmental protection standards.

            Through extensive feedback from the market, Tietuo Machinery's products have outstanding energy-saving and environmental protection performance, efficient and stable equipment operation, and excellent quality of product materials, which can create considerable income and win unanimous recognition and praise from customers. In the future, Tietuo Machinery will continue to take "creating maximum value for customers" as its corporate mission, bring customers better quality products and equipment, and help China's road traffic engineering construction achieve new development and new leaps!

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