Celebrating Tonight | 2023 Tietuo Machinery Year-end party Dinner

On the evening of February 2nd, on the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, following the epidemic, Tietuo Machinery continued its tradition and held an annual tail tooth dinner with Minnan characteristics. More than 500 people, including company executives, all employees and their families, as well as overseas customers who visited the company for inspection, gathered together to celebrate this wonderful event!

Looking back on the little things of the year, sharing the harvest of the year, every year's tail tooth dinner is always full of excitement and gratitude! Chairman Wang Xiren of Tietuo Machinery and his executive team collectively toasted and sent beautiful New Year greetings to the guests, employees, and their families present.

Continuing tradition, this banquet has carefully prepared various performances, including acrobatics, dance, singing, and more. The characteristic programs meticulously arranged by various departments in their spare time won applause from the audience, and at one point, the atmosphere of the dinner was pushed to a climax. These wonderful performances not only enhance the cohesion of the team, but also make everyone aware of their lovely side beyond work.

The most exciting part of the banquet was undoubtedly the lucky draw, with awards ranging from six to special, and bonuses ranging from 100-3000 yuan. With a super high prize rate, employees were able to taste delicious food and return home with a full load. The lucky draw was held by Chairman Wang Xiren, middle and senior leaders, outstanding craftsmen, and outstanding employees who took turns on stage to draw different awards. The lucky ones on site were born one by one with the broadcast of the lottery numbers. Continuing the tradition of Tietuo Machinery's lottery, lucky winners can still participate in the next prize's lottery, which has led to some lucky winners winning several awards in a row, earning a lot of money.

Every lottery brings the atmosphere of the dinner party to a climax once again. When you think the lottery is over, you are completely wrong. Chairman Wang Xiren has activated the "additional award" mode, adding 10 or 1000 yuan prizes in a row, inviting on-site customers to continue the lottery, causing employees to quickly stop their food and wine, hoping that the big flower of the prize will fall into their own hands.

The Tail Dinner is a family banquet hosted by Tietuo Machinery, rewarding and thanking employees for their efforts and contributions over the past year.

Finally, the 2023 Tail Teeth Gala has come to a successful end, but our enthusiasm will never diminish. Let's welcome every day of 2024 with full positive energy and passion! Tietuo Machinery has always believed that the power of a team is infinite. Only by uniting can we go further. Let's hold our heads high, work hard towards clear goals, and create a more brilliant future for Tietuo.

I would like to thank new and old customers and friends from all walks of life for their trust, support and help in Tietuo Machinery as always. I also take this opportunity to say goodbye to you in the early years of the the Year of the Loong and wish you all good luck, good health and happiness in your family!

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