As per the national policy of Energy Saving and Environment protection, Tietuo Machinery always focuses on innovation and development of RAP recycling and environment-friendly machinery. TTM cooperate with re-known experts, universities and research facilities for many years, and have a technical service. TTM setup"Asphalt  Mixing Facility R&D Center" and "RAP  R&D Workstation at Quanzhou", and was accredited as"RAP Facility and Engineering R&D Center in Fujian".

As a Chinese company, TTM has a worldwide vision. We provide customized machineries as per customers' requirement.Our network of sales and services cover all over China and over 50 countries. Our RAP mixing facility has the biggest market share and the leading technology in China. TTM has been accredited as " The key Hi-Tech Enterprise in China Torch Project", "The  Hi-Tech Enterprise in Fujian", "The Provincial Innovation Enterprise in Fujian", "The Provincial Technology Center in Fujian", "The Manufacturing Base of Highway Machinery in China", and "The Enterprise of Double Customer Satisfaction, Product Quality Satisfaction and After-sales Services Satisfaction" by Committee of user of China Quality  Management Association in consecutive 5 years.

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