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Product Description

RPS100 RAP roller crushing and screening equipment is a brand new special crushing screen launched by Fujian Tietuo Machinery Co., Ltd. based on its years of experience in designing asphalt plant mixing hot recycling equipment and combining the particularity of domestic RAP material acquisition methods. Sub-products.


Roll crushing and screening technology has the following advantages:

1. The single-roller crusher adopts a guard plate made of wear-resistant material to protect the standard cutter head, which has strong crushing capacity, good wear resistance, easy replacement, and improves the service life of the equipment;

2. The low-speed spindle can effectively reduce dust emission;

3. Floating double-roller crushing can effectively prevent large RAP materials from causing instant equipment failure;

4. The staggered wear-resistant tooth plates can effectively crush RAP materials without sticking them;

5. The high-frequency vibrating mesh screen combined with the anti-blocking hole mesh screen technology effectively solves the problem of fine aggregate adhesion to the mesh screen.

Working principle of roller crushing and screening 

The crushing and screening system is a mechanical equipment that screens the RAP materials recovered by mechanical digging or milling according to the specifications, and the over-specification materials are sent to the secondary crusher for crushing and then screening.


The super-large RAP material obtained by mechanical digging is crushed by the first-stage crusher with the combined action of the spiral main shaft and the hydraulic pushing device, and then sent to the cold storage bin for storage;


The milled RAP materials can be directly loaded from the cold storage bin and enter the vibrating screen for screening. The sieved materials are divided into 2 or more kinds of piles. The over-spec RAP material is crushed by a pair of rollers in two stages, and then sent to the vibrating screen through a belt for screening until it is crushed into qualified RAP material.

Roll primary crusher

1. Spiral crushing roller and hydraulic pushing device work at the same time, effectively crushing large RAP materials;

2. The standard crushing cutter head has good wear resistance and is easy to replace;

3. The spring tensioning device behind the broken shaft can prevent instant equipment failure caused by excessive RAP material.


Cold silos

1. The split cold storage bin ensures effective volume and is convenient for transportation;

2. The upper grid of the silo body is driven by a maintenance-free vibrating motor, which eliminates out-of-specification materials and prevents materials from clogging;

3. The special warehouse body structure effectively prevents material arching.

Vibrating screen

1. Linear screen driven by dual vibration motors, maintenance-free design. The screen is tensioned back and forth, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement;

2. The high-frequency vibrating screen, combined with the anti-blocking hole screen technology, effectively solves the adhesion of fine aggregates.


Double roller secondary crusher

1. Double-roll secondary crusher and floating crushing roller, which can not only adjust the discharge particle size, but also effectively protect the instant equipment failure caused by over-large RAP material;

2. The staggered high wear-resistant tooth plates can effectively crush over-specification RAP materials.

Product Specifications
ModelRPS100 typeMaximum feeding size800mm
Machine power121kwDischarge particle size≤32mm
Rated production capacity100t/h

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